Thanks to our extensive experience in the residential sector we are highly qualified to create a conceptual design for your property to maximize the space and functionality of each of its zones. Regardless of whether you plan to change your home’s style, or if you want to renovate it and get it ready for sale on the property market, we will make the most of your property and always stick to your budget. Over 11 years of experience have helped us grow and made us truly believe that designing a property is more than just filling a space with beautiful furniture and nice accessories, but making every house a real home to live in.
A unique place molding your needs and your personality.

We solely network with highly skilled professionals and carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors ,

providing a solid and trustworthy platform to work from.

If you are not looking for an interior design project as such but rather want to feel and touch the furniture before you decide to go for it, as Interior Design experts in furniture, we can be your guide for the wide range of shops available locally or even internationally.

Like a perfectly fitted dress, our PS services are expertly tailored to fit your requirements.

Everyone has their own special style, a feeling that is uniquely their own and we can help you unlock yours.

With the keys to the City's best stores, boutiques and fingers on the pulse of the newest up-and-coming designs, you can transform your home and create the ambiance that meets your needs and enhances your personality.

From vaisselle, to bathroom or kitchen accessories, simple decoration objects, to complete livingroom or bedroom, the custom tailored services begin below, but the sky's the limit!

We offer you an in-house comprehensive property management service to give you full peace of mind. Our team will look after each of our client’s properties as if they were their own, every detail is accounted for however great or small the task may be.

We offer a full range of services to meet your specific requirements.

Surveillance: Inspections of your property, both exterior and interior, postal mail review and detailed reports of all visits.

Maintenance: Review of the state of the property, supplies, appliances and assisting in any unforeseen incident, giving you immediate notice and offering solutions.

Comfort: We will keep you informed of everything that has happened in your Community of Owners and we will have your house prepared and ready, with all the supplies you need for the day you want to enjoy it.

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